Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blind spot hole

Is the earth nothing more than a sand castle in space
Will we run forever more not knowing what we chase
What I eat will soon eat me even now it takes a bite
Lesson learned feel the burn earn your second sight

Blink your eye and you may miss
The reason that you forsake bliss
It happens all the time you know
Lost inside your blind spot’s hole

You try and find the neural thread
That leads to serotonin
The path is mapped by blind madmen
Who don’t know what they’re showing

The earth is flat to some of us
Or round if you like spinning
Perspective is the dictator
This is why I can’t stop grinning

The answer disappears again
While you ask the question
The teacher lost their track again
Is it memory retention?

The tubes are lined with olive oil
To keep nutrition flowing
The truth was buried in your gut
To keep the flora growing