Saturday, August 13, 2005

Trouble shooting

I think I am trouble shooting an image nation
but it is just another hallucination
I think I see things in the world that no one ever sees
but once again that bubble bursts - just another daydream
Talk about insanity like its different than reality
Walk around in led boots and sing about the gravity

I think I am trouble shooting my imagination
diving in, to the depths of free association
super power booking anything that rings the bell
it sometimes feels like heaven and it sometimes feels like-

I think I am trouble shooting the cosmology of time
the origin of matter the holographic mind
there's a peice of peace in every war
just before he pulls the trigger
there's a piece of war in every saint
just before the halo gets bigger

I think I am trouble shooting my childhood
when actually my memories are distorted
by what I am but do not know - the shadows in my head - you see
below the surface of the water is where the iceberg lives
all I know that I think there is: is only just the tip

I think I am trouble shooting some kind of dilema
when actually the reason is some hidden agenda
like how do I get with this super fine honey
pimp my ride pimp my house turn funny into money

I think I am trouble shooting my current state of mind
when actually its distractions that I wine and dine
continually escaping this feeling of frustration
that followed me across the sea
to the place that I vacation

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