Friday, September 30, 2005

Construction work day

Waking up in Guy's little cottage was not so bad. I guess I did not need that much sleep. Out of bed by 9:10 AM and on the road by 9:20 AM. Drive into the lower driveway on the estate. Change into work clothes in the basement. Grab tools. Exit lower driveway. Arrive at job sight bulls eye on time: 10 AM.

Glen is the only one there already. Mark arrives a few minutes after me. Puts me to work scraping white something or other off some doorway beams. Guy and Johnny arrive at the same time. Mark directs me to head upstairs and help Johnny. He's drywalling an attic. Needs to be done today because the owners want to store belongings in it already - even though the remodeling will not be completed for at least another week.

This is where the fun really begins. First of all, it helps if you understand how classic this work situation is for me. All the guys working today are good friends from way back. This allows for an overall good feeling to pervade the atmosphere admidst the rubble, debris, dust and chaos that always frame constuction sites. Johnny is rock and roll. He's a musician like my self. Plays bass guitar and parties hard. He's feeling the previous night's nefarious activities but still puts on a good game face. He's mostly doing the cutting and a lot of the nailing of the sheet rock. Before that can happen, I have to put in the hundred percent cotton insulation - recycled from blue jeans.

Throught this day we listen to tunes on his radio. He has me review some latino/hip hop fusion mixes. I thought they were cool. Before I know it, we break for lunch at the Farmer and the Cook. The time just disappears when I am all focussed on getting the job done. On the way to lunch, Mark and Guy stop at a yard sale which is filled with almost total junk. Guy finds a small space heater for two bucks.

A little after an hour, I return with Johnny to finish up the dry walling. The attic starts to heat up, I am sweating thru my jeans and collecting pieces of cotton insulation on my 3 day old growth of hair on my face which acts like Velcurl. It gets kind of challenging with the high temps, small space and the big silver air tubes in the way of some of the hammering. We persist with effort and punctuate with the ocassional expletive. Shortly after six, the work day ends.

Cruise over to Rachie's, let Angus in. Fee him. He's stoked to see me. I give him a bit of attention before hopping in a nice warm bath, ahhh. Afterwards, I sit on the couch. Angus is eyeing up my left nimple. Before I know it he begins to suck on it and then little nibbles. Man, this cat thinks I am his Momma. Once he starts nibbleing, I decide to draw the line there and discourage any more of his attempts to imbibe milk from my breast.