Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Digital Dojo

This day began with me wallowing in the limbo world of someone else's. My choice to be here. Consequences of my decision to surrender: missing out on working with Highlove and Guy. Supposedly, I was supposed to go to San Diego, for a wedding, last night. This was pushed back to today - afternoon was the target. Well, no word from the limbo surfer. I end up calling one of her friends: 'She'll call you when she gets out of the shower." Never happened. Having grown accustomed to the lack of consideration and dependablity in the brief time that I have know her, I managed to put in two hours of work for my friend John. The day was extra hot and the physical labor felt nice.

My spirit felt grounded in my body as I drove down the hill in Skip's creamy Toyota mule with twisted bumpers and my 8 ft fun board hanging out of the back. Angus greets me with one feline word which I can translate as meaning both: "Hello Didj" and "How bout some grub, bub". Angus is very geared towards humans. He talks alot and loves to be scratched and pet. The unique thing about him is that he also gives a good massage along with some acu-claw-puncture which is also based on the meridian system.

Check gmail thru the WiFi of a neighbor's which makes Rachie's a hotspot: Chad has invited me to a vlogging group by a very friendly and generous Marcus Sandy. This is only the second meeting. Marcus actually invited me to the first one but the 9 day retreat got in the way. Anyway, I read Chad's email and learn that the gatherings at the "Digital Dojo" will take place on Wednesday nights. I thank Chad and agree to attend without realizing that tonight is Wednesday. He sends another email a few minutes later and then it dawns on me that there is a meeting tonight. Time: 6:50. Distance: 3 miles.

I manage to find the Digital Dojo fairly easily, park next to the pale blue/purple turbo Porsche and walk into a very cool studio reminiscent of the Yoga studi on on the estate that I live. When I walk thru the open sliding doors, I see and meet Marcus and Danette. Chad does not show until almost eight. The dojo was down the drive way and in the back. I think my truck may have obscured the sign.

This meeting went quite well. I am awed by how generous Markus (Apperceptions) is with his time, facilities and vlogging information. I feel like a whole new world is opening up for those of us who want to take it to the next level of creativity and expression. Vlogging is video logging. All I need is a digital video camera and Bardo Surfer will begin to share a higher level of complexity and expression. Thanks to Marcus' Digital Dojo, my unvoiced urge to vlog will now be realized.

Here's an example of a creative vlogger: Bullem Head