Saturday, October 01, 2005

Who's in charge?

The heat of the day got me out of my sweat soaked Big Agnes sleeping bag after about 5 hours of sleep. Initially, grogginess hung over my head like a late morning fog. It burned off quickly as the sunny blue sky day demanded happiness and gratitude. The yoga studio provided me with the perfect environment to maximize the sublime serenity that yoga, tai chi and the didj have generated for over a decade now.

I'd planned on surfing but after checking the conditions via internet cams, it became obvious that I'd get nothing but a foot bath out there.

While checking my mail, I could hear music originating from Libbey Bowl. Oh yeah, I'd forgotten that there was a music fest going on all day in the park. Check it out for a while. Head over to Rainbow Bridge for some snacks. Run into Guy. Start hanging out. High on Love calls. Yo, yo, yo. We all end up at Rainbow for some food before checking out the festival scene.

Inside the festival is a cool scene. The hippie scene is alive and well in this smallish out door deal with vendors selling tie dye t-shirts, dresses, pants, jewlery, hemp bracelets, food and hoola hoops. Up by the stage many of the attendees dance and gyrate to the beats and rhythms. At one point I see Sky. He ends up pulling a Praying Mantis out of the back of his long blonde hair. He brought it from his house several hours earlier and has been dancing while it holds on to his head with its strong and strange jaw.

The show ends, I hop on my CBR 900 and head over to the after party at Glen Muse. The night goes on. DJs spin and then the featured band plays another set for us. The night flows, jacuzzi, pool, lots of cool, happy people. I watch a DVD of Judy as she sky dives for the first time. She did this to show her self that she is in charge of her life.