Thursday, November 10, 2005

Hat trick Thursday

The threatening clouds suddenly had a change of heart, cracked open and gave a blue sky sunny smile. Inside, I felt the same way. This passed week, various seemingly random storms flared in a couple of my relationships. Last night presented an opportunity for me to make amends with 2 friends whom I'd betrayed with unkind words and gritty energy (don't eat fig newtons on the beach, beach!). Funny, my transgression occurred over 2 months ago and soon after was when I received my notice to move off the estate. This morning I made amends with the Sun. "Sorry, I should have been more patient. I had been looking forward all day to getting a treatment like light at the end of a tuunel, when the light went out something inside me twisted." When I made the phone call it was very spontaneous and when I said those words, I did not know that they were going to come out of my mouth. When I finally said what I had to say, it was such a relief.

Tonight, I popped down to Sunny's and met several folks, all of them Burners. One guy, Brian, expressed interest in the didjeridoo. I shared with him the circular breathing technique that one can practice without the didj: "What I like to do is beak the process down to two components. First, it is like a contest between the lips and the cheeks. The cheeks try to push the air out (Just the cheeks, not the diaphram), the lips resist but they always lose, letting out a small audible stream of air thru a pinhole - almost like whistling. Secondly, while the air is slowly being compressed out by the cheeks, take a gulp of air thru the nose using the belly, then continue to let the breath fall out... repeat"

Brian seemed to get it right away. Good on ya mate! Brian escaped the East Coast over three months ago. Took what ever he could fit on his back and hitchhiked out of there. Ended up in Vegas, tracked down the International Burners Hostel and thus made his way to the ultimate portal: Burninging man. He's one of the few peops I met that can say they literally lived at Black Rock City, Nevada. Back in 1999, I lived there as well, out of my Pulsar, I had my snowboard and surfboard with me. One of the finest places I have ever lived.

The third person I made amends with today was Dana. She'd made some ridiculous accusations against me the last time I saw her over a year ago. When she saw me, she instantly recognized me and apologized. Even now the memories of that time feel fresh. The wound was buried but never healed. Festering in the dark. Cortex tissue turning off. Going numb. Facial muscles solidifying into a grin like the Joker - How do you like me now?

Now, I conclude a day that began at 9AM. I will head up into the canyon to feed some cats and maybe soak in a hot spring,