Monday, November 07, 2005

Spontaneous trip

[Big Island (Hawaii) Monday October 14, 2002]

Awoke with a heavy feeling although pleased that the time was 7:45 AM. Thru out my exercises, thoughts wander across old pathways of blame. I keep feeling that my life's a waste and I am not accomplishing anything. Tai chi felt nice and I enjoyed experiencing and moving my chi at will. But I wonder, is this enough? I eat 2 bananas and recall my dream which involved Trillium massaging the lines on my tired face. I guess I've become a bit enthralled by her beauty and enticing eyes. Marvelously exotic clear eyes. We are interupted by her angry tribe/family. I realize after this dream that I cannot get involved. I don't want the responsibility of a 2 year old girl and a young mother. I just am not prepared. I walk into town. Stick my head into Papa's - Dean has returned but he's busy with customers. I continue to the health food store. I think: "I really don't want anything but something is waiting for me there." I'm on a mission. Before I turn down the parking lot, I hear someone speak my name, look and see robert in the back of Manu's maroon pick-up truck. He's surrounded by garbage bag encased belongings and a wheel chair.

He says: "Do you want to go to Kona? Hop in."

I respond quickly in the affirmative, check with Manu who's sitting in the driver's seat. He's distracted but signals OK with a nonchalant nod to jump in. I climb in and Robert and I begin to update eachother with our latest happenings.

Manu calls out to a passing motorist/friend: "I need a jump." The driver responds immediately.

Soon enough, we're cruising towards Hilo. Manu is giving a ride to Phil. He's going to a medical facility in Kona. He broke his back 3 years ago when he fell of a roof that he was working on in Oregon.

As we drive along, I notice the smell of urine. Phil's suffering from a number of ailments. The temperature drops the higher we drive up Saddle Road. The landscape changes gradually and dramatically. We drive on and on. It takes 2 and a half hours to get to Kona. Alot of the view is rugged sharp and black volcanic rock. Further along we reach areas where green plants have painted the landscape with vibrant life. We pass pregnant mounds under countless ever changing clouds. I feel like I an in Colorado at times. This island has some size to it.

We arrive in Kona, Manu says: "Meet me back here in 2 hours." I check my clock - 1:15 PM.

The town of Kona has advertising everywhere. We've landed here in the midst of "Iron Man Week". The event takes place on Saturday.

Robert and I eat at an Indonesian cafe. My meal is fabulous. We walk around some more and end up on the edge of the ocean. I sit on a wall and play the didj and watch a surfer enjoy a wave all my him self. He gets several rides while I watch. Robert watches as well. He takes a dip a man made area that holds the water a bit longer.

Time's up and we head back to the medical center. Phil's waiting with all his stuff in black garbage bags strewn across the lawn under a tree. He talks like a bird fluttering from leaf to leaf and branch to branch. He hovers above his despondency and talks to Robert as I play the didj. People walk by, drive by. They all ignore the didj.

Phil shows me a clipping of an article he wrote about leaving Breitenbush in Oregon. He'd been on the board of directors and had been a clever diplomat. He came here to invest his time into Hawaii. A good soul, good intentions. Who can ever anticipate tragedy? He still has hope and spoke of various possibilities.

The ride back was a little more chilly. Manu avoided Saddle Road's altitude and we cruised the less direct route. Stopped at Waepoa Lookout and were treated to one of the finest views I've ever seen. The rest of the way we cruised mostly in silence watching the relatively still stars above and the low wispy clouds quickly passing.