Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sunset didj and Manu Manu welcomes me to Hawaii

[Hawaii's Big Island Saturday October 12, 2002]

The dogs just stopped barking. I sit in a shack over looking the Pacific Ocean. Robert is my host. His tent stands 30 yards away. The rain is drumming on the roof and Robert speaks on the phone. We have been exchanging experiences that we've had with kundalini rising.

Today, I picked up the post card I sent to myself in order to get a library card. Earlier, I'd sat at the health food store and rapped with James and some older brothers. We talked about the deceptive political climate and eventually they began to talk about the legalization of herb. I kind of sighed silently in my mind. The Big Island's a Mary Jane Mecca. The herb has swallowed the will power of so many.

My falling from the railing shocked me. I always feel so confident climbing. The dirt form the planter scattered all over Papa's green painted floor. Trillium, a beautiful young woman from Oregon, was next to me and expressed concern. Aubrey had thrown up the gate with gusto and consequently it jammed. I'd climbed up on the railing to free what was catching. Before I knew it, I'd fallen and banged my nose. The trauma only release a few pin pricks of blood. Almost a ceremonial impact.

Robert swung back from another store and he followed me back to my humble abode - the shack. The mosquitoes proved to be quite active - not surprising with dusk's arrival. Soon we left, canceling their feast for the evening.

5 minutes with our thumbs out and a big garrulous guy in a station wagon picked us up. He'd been on the island a year. An eighty-year-old couple had told him that he could live on their land. We got out at Kahenna to experience sun's setting on the beach.

As I walked along, a German woman asked if I was going to play the didj that I happened to be carrying. She was with several people, I looked at them all and asked: "Do you want me to play the didj for you?" She said yes and I complied. The woman and I ended up conversing for a while after I played. Her name is Seena. She was wearing a black nightie and when she stood I appreciated her voluptuous form. She invited me to the volcano but I had to decline. I felt I needed to meet Robert's sponsor: Manu Manu.

Before we left the beach, we hung out with a brother who was planning on camping on the beach. He had a guitar but no tent or tarp. He told us how he has collected seeds and turned them into necklaces while living on the beaches of Kauai. We left and began to walk up the hill to where Robert was camping on Manu Manu's land.

After we arrived, I turned around, rain clouds could be seen rolling in from over the ocean. His view: utterly spectacular. Soon, the raindrops began to gently fall and Robert decided it'd be nice to hang out in Manu Manu's shack. When I entered, Robert had several candles lit. Manu has no electricity. Robert shared stories about Kauai, experiences with kundalini, channeling and healers. I told a few of mine and then played the didj in the flickering candlelight while Robert closed his eyes and meditated.

Shortly, Manu Manu arrived and immediately hugged me and welcomed me to the land of his ancestors. I played the didj for 5 to 10 minutes. Manu seemed quite charged up and began to talk. It was an autobiographical, shamanic sermon that lasted for over and hour. Robert and I then made our way to the tent. The rain had stopped. I slept fairly soundly and had many dreams. One of Sunny.

-I'd left my vehicle behind and was running down a street. I ran a mile or so and ended up in a kind of library. It was nighttime. I look in a mirror and my face is very ugly. I have a huge growth on my right jaw and lower cheek. My face is unrecognizable.