Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The map

One day the tired old map
began to self adjust the reality it depicted
At first, it seemed like just a crease
or maybe it was more like a wrinkle
gone astray
Upon closer scrutiny, the owner of the map
realized he was witnessing a mutiny
The creases had become rivers
tributaries, territories and towns.
[It is not very wise to stare at the self adjusting map
while driving down the 101 freeway at 65 MPH]
Huh, the owner (lets call him Bob), cannot believe his eyes.
The map appears to be communicating... but... that is not
[Stop gaping, and pull over the damn car!]
Bob pulls over and tries to get a grip
but his mind is spilling
slipping with mental persperation.
Out of the corner of his eye
he sees the map shimmer
drawing his full atttention
the various lines depicting streets and such
begin to swirl like ripples on water
little waves crashing against the borders of reality
organizing into a whirlpool
a vortex
a portal
a window
Bob flies through the map
which has become more than the territory
He's in outerspace
without a ship
searching for friendly constellations
to navigate thru this vacuum
What do I do for a map now? Bob thinks to himself
[That is the question that will set you free]
Huh! What was that? Bob thinks to himself
[You are a bobber, Bob, bobbing in infinite experience in the sea of life.]
Oh, really... Bob replies in thoughforms and then continues
You were a map, mapping a fragment of the world
in a reflected reflection
of some random being's
rationalized blueprinted view of his personal version of topography
for a limited geographical area...
Now, you have become something more...
That is when the answer (to Bob's prevous question)
materialized out of the indigo aethir
Bob remembered his multifaceted nature
Bob re-legioned his multidimensioal self
My memory is my map
If I don't watch it
I can get lost in it.
Bob found himself
in his car
on the 101's shoulder
staring at a familiar constellation in the sky.