Wednesday, October 19, 2005

TMJ strikes again

Well, those few of you who read enough of BS, know that TMJ has reentered my life to once again educate me about my diet, tension and relaxation. The symtoms that I experience impact me physically, mentally and emotionally. Now that I am familiar with the causes of this disorder, it is easier for me to achieve a detatched state of mind. This allows me a more scientific approach to relief and avoidance of reoccurances.

The physical symtoms begin with the jaw. This is the area which seems to be the initial indicator that my health is out of balance. Specifically, it means too much sugar. Within the first couple bites, I can feel a stiffness in the area just below the ears. Discomfort reveals itself in pressure. The jaw seems to press in. The back of the head presses in and the temples press in. When the TMJ gets super acute it affects my ability to hear. The physical symtoms also involve lots of tension stored in my shoulders, back muscle, traps and neck.

Mentally, it puts me into a fog. It is difficult to think and fatigue follows me around like clouds hiding the sun.

The emotional impact is quite apparent. It definitely puts me into an aggro state of mind. I become irritable and my ability to tolerate frustration is quite diminished.

The causes of my second bout of TMJ seem to be a result of working 7 days a week for about 4 weeks in a row, eating sugar at every meal and then into the night, some of the work I was doing involved toxic substances eg. drywall, lessened observance of my yoga/tai chi/didj practice, the tension which comes with trying to find a new place to live and just not relaxing enough.

Interestingly enough, just when it was kicking in again, I viewed some footage of the Apparent Head Criminal in Charge - (W) - where he was continually clicking his jaw and moving it around. Obviously he was trying to relieve pressure in his jaw. TMJ is definitely an anxiety disorder in my opinion. I wonder what his doctors prescribe?

I self diagnosed myself, spoke to others who experience this affliction and consulted the vast resources of the internet. It bascically warned that sugar was a major culprit. Sugar is by far my main vice. At this time, I don't think I have any others. Oh yeah... I have a gasolene vice... but we'll save that for another post.

Thus my solution to TMJ involves strict changes to my diet eg. no sugar!, less cooked food more raw food; relaxing more eg. baths, more yoga/tai chi and consciously melting thoughts which cause anxiety.

The results so far a quite good. I am much happier than I was during the weekend when TMJ reared its ugly head. My friend gave me a "treatment" which focusses directly on the problem area: the jaw. As well as relieving pressure in the back of the head, neck and back. So the last two days I feel human again, more appreciative, less pressure and more present.