Saturday, October 15, 2005


I am a vaccum sucking air
no oxygen to spare no eyes to stare
converting universes into chairs
because I need something to sit on
when my legs get tired
I am a giant fan blowing hot air
If you are a pig then you better beware
'cause I'll huff and I'll puff
and blow you to St. Louis
I am a factory that eats
specified aspects hidden in the thin
crust of the earth
my stomach organizes each bit, reconfiugres
extracts value
my intestinal flora absorbs the 90% that is left
I am an outlet with a product now
I sell it to consumers
to increase my worth
I am a snake oil salesman
selling rotting death trinkets
sanitized for your protection
thanks to special effects
designed for and by the mtv generation
This is my favorite song (sympathy for the devil) to listen to
on my eye-pod when shooting some stranger
because I had no choice
because it is my job
because some one else made me
I am a liar
swimming in a sea of half truths, fabrications, commercials,sitcoms,
Please be my friend, TV show
What else is there to do?