Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sole repair

[Hawaii, Big Island October 6, 2002]

A guy, whose name turned out to be Nathan, picked me up hitchhiking, just as the rain began to really pour. He's from Oregon and been on this isle for 6 months repairing and restoring furniture.

As I walked into town after being dropped off at the light, I passed Johnathon who was on his way to the Hare Krishnas.

I ate a nice salad with some beans, dark chocolate cake for dessert and chocolate energy bars for good measure.

Went over to Norman's apartment to drop off my hand-made sandals for some sole repair. He was not there. Waited for 10 minutes before chilling out in the hippie cafe - Jomamma's as Pete and two others played their version of the blues. After a few minutes I saw Norman crossing the street in the drizzle pulling his cart of honey with Daisy trailing him on her leash.

I greeted him and we walked over to his place. He let me know that he is not allowed to sell honey anymore in front of the town's most popular eatery (by far}. Back at his tiny apartment I can tell that this setback is weighing him down like led on a diver.We watched the end of "Maverick" on the bube tube and then "Havana". Norm's uncertainy regarding where he's going to sell honey led him to be less accomidating or at least so it would appear. I let it all just pass over me and the nite went smoothly. I walked back barefoot during a lull in the rain. The wet black asphalt felt smooth and clean after the rain but I still managed to have a sliver of glass lodge itself into my right foot. I balanced on my left foot and easily dislodged it and then continued on my way. I thought about the different way I hide from feelings of lonliness. I contemplated various scenarios of where to go, how long to stay. And now I think: "Why plan it? let it happen. Let the flow flow.

As I got closer to my musty old shack, the rain began again as a drizzle and then as I reached the porch it began to pour.

Tai chi in the dark felt nice. The mosquitos must have been satiated from the previous day's feast on my blood and left me alone.