Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The autobiography

The autobiography has taken an unexpected turn
one second it is traveling down Park Avenue
moments later it is in the desert forever
whole chapters are mixing together
as if the author's memory has been placed in a blender
only he does not know it
He decides to dedicate the whole fiasco to China
But the printing press has become obsolete
He tries to use a pencil but the led leads him to New Orleans
Now the autobiography is in the morgue.
Oh look, an autopsy is being performed
by a troupe of actors
It almost seems like reality except for the time lag
between the actual happening and the perception of what
Also, the lips are not in synch with the audio
Where are the dancing girls
An incision has been made and the players begin peeling back the pages
one by one They are speed readers, speed skaters, speed matters until you get there
The procedure is going smoothly pulling back the layers of the onion of his life
like scenes in a movie in progress with no editor
The film projector is outdated and casts a reflection on the screen
"It is time to go digital" says one of the skaters as he figures an eight
"Slow down, I cannot read you" said one of the readers
It is too late when he realizes that there is no autopsy
It is in fact an operation and he is the surgeon the skater and the reader
but the heat of his scrutiny
has melted the ice
and the speed skater cannot swim
the onion cannot appeal
and the reader has found something else to read