Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Writing your name

What could be gained by writing your name
along the sides of cargo trains
corporate advertisers fishing for buyers
or graffiti taggers ghetto broadcasters
talking and walking with signature swaggers
One is accepted and backed by the law
While another is punished by the finest johnny flaw
There is more than one America
Do you think that is a lie?
Or maybe the world conforms to your eye
What could be gained by staying the same
when everything changes including the past
which keeps us tied to the way it's been
the chains of belief make free thought a sin
this is how imagination ends
Memories are always shifting
like sand dunes in a desert
What is your mood
can you admit when you're sad
What do you do
when you are mad
It's better to be crazy
then fat drunk and lazy
The future to me
has always been hazy
The moments of clarity
that sometimes I have
are always in the moment
when I can feel glad
about every thing
that comes into view
no where to go
nothing to do
This is how I like to be
surfing is the best analogy
that I know maybe 'cause
It's what I love and there are no laws
But you do have to paddle
This is the battle
What could be gained by writing your name
in the side of a wave with your surf board