Monday, October 03, 2005

Need more sleep

Some how I have only gotten about 5 hours of sleep each of these past three nights. This is all going to change tonight. Something woke me this morning around 8 AM. My head is groggy with that jetlag feeling and I check the time and determine that I can go back to sleep for an hour and still make it to work on time. In those moments I decide that sleep is more important than doing yoga, tai chi and didjing.

I arrive at the job site and am soon pumping insulation into a ceiling thru various holes. This is basically a reverse vacuum situation similar to the didjeridoo. The difference is the didj broadcasts soundwaves where as the insulation hose spews out little bits of insulation. What I like about this particular insulation is tha it is made from recycled newspaper. I was able to make out numbers and letters in the various powdery debris. The air filled with little bits and flakes and reminded me of snow flurries. When I filled up a wall in the converted garage, the air was filled with this insulation, surprisingly tasting salty; it coated my clothes, head and face; consistency very seimilar to lint from a drier. The day flew by as I stayed focussed on what ever task was at hand. Over an eight hour day including lunch when it is all said and done. Remmy was the latest addition on the scene. I remember when he first arrived in the town, worked at a local coffee joint for peanuts. Now he's got a beautiful truck and is an electrician.

After work, Guy and I go to Ventura where we are going to eat dinner and supposedly attend a movie. Movie never happens. Guy has to first deal with a Cingular cell phone dude for an hour or so. His intention is to cancel the contracts and get his money back. He ends up giving the guy 35 more dollars. I can only shrug my shoulders.

No movie, we hang out at a cafe and talk to Jamie about the real estate industry.