Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rise by the medulla, fall by the medulla

The cuurent construction gig came to an abrupt end today after the clients gave a call saying: "over budget, no more money." Mixed reaction from me about this. Means some of us will not earn money counted on. Personally, I started working at the bequest of my friend Mark. He asked several times, I aquiesced. For me, it meant that I'd not be able to surf every day but there'd be some extra dough. Ultimately, I agreed because I enjoy the construction work especially when It's all my bros that are there.

Working with Johnny and Donnie is a walk down surreal lane. Donnie knows drywall. He's got permanent sheetrock tattooed under his fingernail. While working, he's covered with the white powder that comes from trawling the walls smooth. He gives me little pointers and always has dry humor that keeps everything on the light side. Johnny's a musician who is gearing up for a trip to Spain where he plans on busking for six months. So after breathing in all the dust for an hour or so, both these dudes will light up a ciggarette. I guess this must clear the lungs of the dust, powders and debris that come with mudding the walls.

Once we got word that the project was done after today due to a shortage of fundage, the pail gloom of doom could be felt in the room as we kicked into a higher gear to try and get as much done as possible. I mostly just kept cleaning all the various tools to keep them from getting crusty and unusable. "It was an honor to work with you Donnie, Johnny Mark... catch you all later." I finshed just before six and am psyched to sleep in tomorrow, wake up with yoga and tai chi and then go surf the diminishing swell at Surfer's Point. I'm guessing I will be out there around 2 PM if you want to watch...

Tonight I walked into the video store and went immediately to the just released section. Nothing caught my attention. Tim (super cool dude who works there) calls out to me from a chair behind the counter "Didj! have you seen this?" He's watching a documentary on the TV set. As the gist of the presentaion dawns on me that this is why I am in here. To catch a piece of this work of genius called: "Flight From Death the quest for immortality". I only watch ten minutes or so but the hypothesis behind the film is very thought provoking and leaves me stunned. Basically, what the producers, writers and scientists demonstrate is that when we, as humans, are confronted with death and thus our own mortality, it makes us much more prone to sink into unconscous behavior patterns. We become harsher and less tolerant of those who apeear dissimilar. We revert back to the systematic programming/indoctrination of school or our born into religion. How we were imprinted.

Road rage immediatley occurred to me as a great example of this process in action. Some driver does some thing that makes us feel vulnerable (feel our mortality) - we immediately react without thinking with brain stem responses: cursing, middle finger, yelling etc. I can see that this is one of the main ways that the consciousness and belief systems of the public are manipulated - through mass media's obsession with death and violence.

It is no surprise then that nine one one had the impact that it did. America felt vulnerable. War machine saw its opportunity and made the most of it. Even now it harvests its bounty of human sacrifice that has almost become a ritual. The torture and meaningless murder of all these innocent people somehow stifles the exposed nine one one feeling until Katrina comes along and shows us that Georgey Shrubble has no interest in actually doing what he said his job was: "Keeping Americans safe and secure." Yeah, enough of us finally woke up to see Dubya for the fraud that he is. Katrina made us feel collectively insecure. We needed some one to blame... heerrrrre's Dubya! rise by the medulla, fall by the medulla...