Friday, October 07, 2005

Hitchhiking in Hawaii

October 1, 2002 Hawaii (Big Island)

Another rainy night with a rainy moring. Sun made a few appearances cloud permitting. Today began with an invigorating cold shower and a clogged drain. I dried my self off with a bandana (no towel). Once my exercises were completed, I ate a few bananas and then headed into "town". I enjoyed Dean's smoothie at his cafe - "Papa's", grabbed some dried mango and began hitchhiking to Papay Farms Road. After 10 minutes or so, a gentleman by the name of Eliot, picked me up. He told me that he'd had the hiccups for the past 8 hours and that he was exhausted and nauseous. He warned me about Pan Gaia (one of the communities on Papaya Farms Road): "Don't get pressured into eating raw meat." And also that "there's alot of free sex going around". I laughed and let him know that I was just getting over a woman and am not interested. He seemed pleased and relieved. After turning on to Papaya Farms Road, Eliot began puking out the window. When he got to his driveway (Hawaiian Retreat Center),he stopped his mini van and got out so that he could vomit with his undivided attention. In between upchucks, he told me that Cocos was just a few driveways down. I began to walk away and Eliot continued to puke.

Cocos seedmed very nice. There was a big white round structure with a pristine piano inside. Outside the entrance, a bilboard with various flyeres on it, caught my eye. I listened to a conversation taking place among 2 guys and 3 girls. I waited to introduce myself but my patience ran out. I began to walk around the property and found my self onPan Gaias land. A guy with a shaved head and blue eyes struck up a conversation with me. He had a long chin beard and a strong gaze. he asked if I wanted to do some work exchange. I said "sure" and ended up shoveling some rich top soil onto a sifter and then dumping the soil onto a bed for lettued. We then organized a bunch of logs around the border of the new lettuce bed and grabbed and spread some mulch for a path.

Afterwards, Iam gave me a bunch of bananas, avocados and star fruit. I decided to head back to town where I could have some dinner. I walked down Papaya Farms Road and was picked up by James. I'd met him at Papa's and seen him at the health food store as well. Of all the folks that I have met so far, he's the closest one to being a friend. He had moments where he provided keen insight into where I am at spiritually, emotionally and mentally - certainly making the transition a little easier. He ended up paying for my meal at Papa's. He really enjoys my didj playing and keeps telling me that this is what my job is.