Monday, October 10, 2005

Hot mud then a cool jam with Tony

Last night, slept in the t-house with round windows and mountain views. Awoke fairly refreshed with time enough for tai-chi. Able to squeeze three cycles of the form that I have now practiced for over a decade. As is typical, by the third lap around the tai-chi track, my sense of time passing slows and I am able to experience have sensual emotional awareness which makes every breath a caress and every movement an act of love. This is how I recharge. It can happen with yoga. It can happen with the didj - especially the didj.

Pull up in the Skip mobile at 9:30 AM sharp. It seems like no one is there. I think to myself: "Wow, I am the first the only one here..." [turns out that Donnie was already on site, in the newly created office - which had been a garage - scraping the walls with his giant trawl] "Maybe I should call Mark to see if there's work today..." Just as I pull our my cell phone, Mark pulls up in his fairly newish white pick up truck and takes it to the top of the driveway.

Put on my work boots, walk up the drive way and that is when I see Donnie. Skyler arrived - driven by g-friend - just after Mark. As I walk by I see them smooching. He does not get out of the car for another 15 minutes. His girlfriend drives him to work every day, takes him to lunch and takes him home.

Mark assigns us to Donnie and then meets with the clients who linger around a bit nervously - understandably when you start adding up how much this remodel costs a day... Remmy arrives to play with wires in the attic. Day begins with me moving tools around, mixing "hot mud", cleaning tools. Somehow Skyler ends up doing the trawl work with Donnie as they layer the "hot mud" on the sheet rock. Even though I have alot more experiece than him trawling, it's OK with me. I figure that it is good for him to learn from Donnie and get some experience.

At some point, Bill calls, tells me that someone is coming from the magazine: "Yogi Times" to do an article on Casa Barranca and that he'd like Tony and I to jam out in the yoga studio. I reluctantly agree realizing that I'll have to leave work early.

Lunch at Farmer and Cook: delicious.

Back on the job site. I begin the next faze. Tool: screw gun. Donnie clues me in to where he wants me to put the screws. Even now I can still feel my efforts in my traps and shoulders. I sure get a good work out doing this stuff.

Just after 3:30, I take off and head up to the estate. Arrive, park, change out of work clothes in the middle of the field, walk to shower, wait for Tony to finish up and then it is my turn to get clean. The reporter is late and Tony and I weave out music together: turns on his metronome, he drums and sings while I drone, pulse, chant and tone all thru the didj. An hour later she pounces in to the studio like a wild cat with wild eyes begins to dance and the energy takes on a new level of complexity. Less than a minute later she leaves having seen Bill out side.

I pick up the thai food. Willie is my copilot. We stop and get cat food on the way. Grab human food at restaurant. Return. Dinner takes place on the back porch. Several candles. Couple bottles of wine. We talk. Bill gives some back ground on the land we live on. Wine talk. I mostly just listen. Ask a few questions about Australia. Darkness sets in.