Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The seasons like to change

The seasons like to change back in forth here in the mostly quiet town of Ojai. Today, the high temp was only 60. At night it has been getting down to 48. Yesterday, we had thunder and lightening, today a fine drizzle kept everything damp and cool. When it rains like it has I must give a big thanks to Skip for letting me tool around in his ole creamy Toyota. My surfboard sticks out of the back encased in a silver board bag, waiting along with me to get back into the ocean. Surfline always recommends that we wait 72 hours after a significant rain fall before getting back into the water to surf. I tend to listen to that advice.

Tonight, while Angus ate his dinner, I opened the back door to let some WiFi in. The signal seems to get better when I do this. Do not know why. Angus sees the open door and manages to sneak up to it without my awareness getting triggered. As I bend down to stop him, he dashes outside. “Angus!” I say with too much reactionary surprise. He rushes to the fence before I change gears with my tone of voice. “Angey, please come here.” I say sweetly. “I want to pet you, come on.”

Angus looks at me and starts walking back. I squat down and rub two fingers together. He trots right to me, I pet him for a second and then scoop him up. He resists by squirming a little bit but ends up just meowing in exasperation.

Later, as he lies on the bed, I go over and give him a quick massage and thank him. He meows with a lot of character and regret for me tricking him back in.

Found out today that my services will not be needed for the upcoming retreat. There’s a lot less people than usual. This has been a trend for a while. Makes me wonder if the LA yoga bubble is bursting or maybe it is just the gas price rise catching up. Anyway, this is why I have more than one source of income.