Sunday, October 16, 2005

Reflection of anger

The clicking of dog nails on the hardwood floor once again woke me as the first orange tints of light began to appear in the east. I let both dogs outside and went back to sleep for four hours.

Awaken, drive up to the estate. Take care of a few things and then talk to Bill to figure out today's schedule. I tell him I need to know because of surfing needs.

"Why don't you just go surf now and then just take care of everything when you come back."

So that is all I needed. Didn't even check the surf cams. I knew it was gonna be good. When I arrive at The Point, a parking spot opens up within seconds. Get out of the truck and check the waves. It is breaking consistently with chest to head high sets, windy not too windy, not too crowded, long rides, multiple line ups.

The paddle out is effortless. I just make it over a couple waves wait a few minutes and then catch a head high. My first wave stokes me. Soon, it starts to genly rain. I sit back on the board and count the sail boats that are within 200 yards of us. They are beautiful and and almost all have white sails. I count 12 near by.

Caveman calls out to me as he paddles in my direction.

"Hey!" he says.

"Hi Caveman, how you doing?"

"Oh pretty good, I'm doing my work, you know what that is."

"Uh... no I don't."

"Well your gonna find out then."

He paddles away and I am left wondering what that was about. Within minutes, I see Caveman catch a big one and then do a headstand on his board as it zooms along.

"WOOOOOHH!" I scream out.

He catches another wave and is doing 360's. As he paddles by I say: "I see what your work is."

He smiles, dark tan face crinkles up framed in a wetsuit hood. "I'm angry today. Taking it out on the waves."

"It's good you can identify that you are angry. That's why you are in California."

"I wish I wasn't in this country though."

He paddles away and I don't see him again. Left with his reflection of anger perceived in the abstract concept of USA. I know his feeling. I have been going thru another bout of TMJ which involves holding tension in the jaw from unexpressed anger. Symtoms include head aches, tiredness, irritablity, tension in the back. I saw some video footage of W that make me think he has this disorder.

I called up a friend tonight and asked for a treatment to help relieve the pain. She complied and worked on me for over an hour. I feel so much better now, thank you.