Monday, October 17, 2005

One house sit leads to another

Enough rain fell out of the sky to discourage me from surfing a decent swell today. The first heavy rains of the fall/winter seasons wash all the various pollutions, urine and feces off the streets, sidewalks and lawns and into the streams, tributaries, rivers and oceans. Supposedly, it becomes a big toxic viral soup festival out there in the ocean, by the mouths of rivers. This is a well known "fact" amongst surfers. My friend Gunnar, became quite sick surfing soon after the first heavy rain. To this day he shudders at the thought of going out there under those conditions. Still, knowing this, I was going to go out there but... the rain picked up and I slipped into the just do yoga and tai chi mode. Today was nice to just chill out and read a book. Visit Highlove and enjoy the thunder and lightening.

I walked Daisy and Sheeba as the sun was swallowed by the horizon leaving darkness and broken clouds that had given up their H2O. Giant puddles lingered and made for a noisy tire soundtrack as the workers rushed home for dinner. The dogs live to walk, there is a spring to their step and their tails curl upwards and wag like happy flags. When we get back to their house they have a pensive look in their eyes. They know that it is time to say goodbye. Eyes big, tails hang out, I close the door, hop in the truck, exit stage.

Now it's time to get Angus the cat in. As I open the door, I hear his "Meow?" He's been waiting for me I guess.

"Hi Angus, how you doing?"


"Good, well come in." He purrs, meows some more. I feed him, turn on the PowerBook, listen to NPR, start reading a screenplay.

Nice when house sits line up like this. Hmm... maybe I'll take a bath.