Sunday, October 30, 2005

From yin yoga to gothic rock

The Halloween party at Glen Muse raged well past my self imposed curfew. My choice of being Kurt Cobain this year was well received and easily identifiable by many attendees. Some folks took video and others took photos. Yeah, kinda fun playing rock star. Hung out with John Mcenroe and Richard Simmons. Enjoyed some fine belly dancers dancing. But, I needed to wake up by 8:30 AM, so I split by 1:30 AM, slipped out a back gate and roled down the hill back to the house of dogs on speed. They all go crazy when I walk through the door. I chill in front of the computer and they all mellow.

Thanks to daylight saving, I manage to awaken at 8:30 AM, purely on the power of self suggestion - no alarm and dogs mysteriously quiet. Arrive up at the estate, start a fire and then relax. This morning, I will participate in the yin yoga workshop which features Paul Greeley. He's got a great rep and really lives up to it. I am mesmerized by his message and entertained by his sense of humor as he guides our journey thru the poses with anecdotes, humor and crucial anatomical knowledge. Basically, the information he shares with us revolves around the fact that our skeletal systems vary greatly from human to human. Variables in bone structure, such as socket depth, have a supreme impact on range of movement. This area (skeletal variability) seems to receive almost no attention among any of the so called experts. One could conclude that each of us needs to determine for our selves, what is an appropriate edge for the various exercises we do.

After class, it's time to dial the estate back in, gently ecourage guests to vacate the premesis and clean the kitchen because no one else did and Lupe is sick. Also, I shuttle back and forth letting the dogs outside for a bit and then coming back to put them in. By 4:00 PM, the kitchen is clean, head back to dogville, walk Trixie and Rupert, get ready for Bauhaus show in Hollywood. Somehow, I get it all done, head off wearing plastic red fake snakeskin pants, maroon Doc Martins boots, black t-shirt with red star and a motorcycle jacket. My friend, Daniel, is the guitarist of this resusitated 80's goth band. He has generously supplied a bunch of VIP tickets to a score or two of us Ojaians. And of course, Sunny had something to do with this as well.

The ride down was chill in my friend Kim's silver Mercedes. Her teenaged daughter sat in the back with her boyfriend quietly listening to Kim and I rapping about whatever.

We arrive at the show about an hour before it begins and manage to get a couple seats with pretty clear views just 40 feet from the stage or so. The speakers are numerous and daunting from the perspective of the inner ear. When the show begins, the base is so heavy I can feel it in my heart among other organs. They power thru with heavy guitars and blaring drums, I can hear Peter's voice but not too many words. They do a triple encore with the highlight being a cover of Ziggy Stardust From Mars.

After the show, we head backstage for a party. The folks I arrived with all seem fatigued and ready to call it a night. We hang long enough to have a word or two with Daniel and then its back on the freeway, 101 North. And now I am surrounded by the maniacal dogs once again. "Come on! go to sleep! stop fighting!" I just said moments ago.