Friday, October 28, 2005

Princess saga and 10 waves

Everytinng seems under control here... time to go surfing, yee hah!. Seconds before I make the left turn out of the estate on to Foothill Rd, my cell phone vibrates and emits its little song, hmm it's Eliza. "Hi Liza, what's up?"

"Didj, you gotta help me! Pricess got out and ran away!"

"OK, I'll be there in a sec"

Thus, my words on the previous day of "the hardest part is over," have come back to haunt me. Less than an hour after dropping off the injutered cat, Princess, she has already escaped outside. Keep in mind that she is wearing one of those plastic cone thing around her head in order to prevent her from tearing off the stitches and the drain that ran under neath the sutures.

I spend 30 minutes calling "Princess... princess... here kitty kitty..." to no avail. I must admit to feeling a bit frustrated and angry. Finally, I realize that Princess is not going to come out. She is going to hide out somewhere until she gets hungry enough to present her self.

Time to go surfing. There's supposed to be a swell. Don't check any cams just drive there. Upon arrival in the Point's parking lot, I see a front row seat is available. When I get out to look at the canvas that I will be painting with my surfboard, I can't help but feeling a little disappointed. It is way mellow out there. There are a few bones out there that some surfing dogs are chewing on out there but nothing with any real meat in it. This does not stop me. I drive 25 minutes to get here - paying for over priced gas, (so the current organized crime oil cartels can play there war games) - so there's alot of karma counting on me catching some waves even tiny ones.

No time to waste. I catch a tiny one straight away. Bam! just like that, I already have a wave under my belt. I catch some more and then head over to where it is a little more crowded with surf dogs. Does not matter. I am in the right place at the right time and manage to keep catching waves. Every wave I paddle for, I catch. Every wave I catch, I am able to stand up on. Oh my gosh, I have had a great sesh. The best wave was when I grabbed a handle of water to slow down, it walled up, I bent my knees and got shower curtained. Another wave I swithfooted for the first time. Yee hah!!

Princess update: MIA