Thursday, October 27, 2005

Trip to the vet

"Princess?!" I cannot believe how bad she looks today. Yesterday, I noticed that she had received a deeo scratch above her right eye. Today, it has swollen up the size of a robin's egg and her eye is nearly swollen shut. She seems very docile. I pet her and her skin slightly recoils at my touch.

Bill walks out on to the porch from the kitchen, "She's really, she needs to go the the vet. She was cut earlier this week and now this. The males never get hurt, it's only the females. I think she's gonna die... it' too serious. Do you want to take her to the vet?"

"Sure, I'll take her right now."

"First, I need you to start two fires in the house, water the plant up on the second floor and take these things to the guest house."

"OK, no problem."

This job has something new every day. I never know what I'll be doing next. The tasks take very little time. I kind of hustle. I am worried about the cat. Finally it's time to get her. Where's the cage? Call Bill. He tells me. It is behind the Artist's Studio. Filled with webs and dirt but it works. I hose hit and then wipe it down with towels. Now comes the hard part: getting Princess into the cage. First, I pet her a bit, get her on my lap. She seems slightly out of it. Then pick her up. She tenses slightly, start pushing her into the cage, initially she does not seem to mind but then her fear kicks in and she freaks. Hmmm... flip the cage so the entrance is facing up, scoop her up again and drop her in. She hangs by her front paws for half a minute before I close the gate and she resigns herself to being in jail.

"Meoooww, meooow, meoow..." She does not like being in the pet tote at all. I am relieved, the hardest part is over and I did not even get scratched. She meows the whole time. The first vet is closed till 2:30, the next one is only 10 minutes away. More meowing... At last, we arrive at the Bryant Street vet. I am the first one thru the door. Sit down wait while Princess contiues to meow. Another cat arrives with a woman carrying her in a cage as well. Her cat meows, Princess meows back. The other cat is quiet. Princess contiues to meow.

Soon enough I hear the doctor: "Princess?"

"Here she is."

We walk into his treatment room. He opens the cage, grabs he by the neck and looks at the infected wound. "It's an absys. I need to lance it and then drain it. She'll have to stay overnight."

"Wow! that's it? Cool."

"Looks like it's from a catfight, she got scratched. She'll have to stay overnight. You can get her after nine."

"That's fine, what a relief."

Then it's back up the hill the estate. Other tasks await. Looks like I will not surf today. Oh well. Yesterday was a fun sesh and still stays with me. I think I even dreamed about surfing last night.