Saturday, October 29, 2005

No Princess so far and a timely phone call

Tonight is my second night in a 4 night stint watching the six dogs: Rupert (Daddy dog), Trixie (Momma dog), Mini, Chocolate, Fatso and Michael Jackson. Lucky the Crib house rental has been super mellow. Not much to do up there. Start a fire in the yoga studio in the morning, park a few folks who dodged the hike and of course search for Princess who is quite conspicious with the cone on her head.

After starting a fire in the yoga studio, I drive down the hill on the way to the dogs. While approaching Visa Hermosa, I see an ambulance come into view and make a right turn in front of me. Uh oh, I think I know where they're going. Sure enough, I see them pull into John's driveway. His wife has been ill for over 2 years now. Every once in a while there's an emergency. I speak briefly with John and he tells me what happened.

"If there's anything I can do, give me a call."

Then it's down the hill to let the dogs go outside, do their business and compete for my attention by jumping up on my leg and growling at eachother. Check the internet for surf conditions... check the web cam... uggh, small waves littered with a heap of surfers, think I'll pass today... take a bath... read a book...ahhh.

Meal time at Farmer and the Cook: gobble down some lettuce, sprouts, quinoa, wild rice, carrots - this is a staple for me. David Grow is there smiling thru his beard and shrouded with long dreds. Last night, David directed a small choire to sing Amazing Grace to begin an excellent play about the Patriot Act. Interesting enough the whole premise of this play was mentioned in a previous post here on Bardo Surfer. They say that great minds think a like but I imagine that this is doubley true for shallow minds... David wants me to sing with the choire tonight, rehearsal will take place at his place at 5... I tentativley agree but end up not showing... too many responsibilities going on here, I gotta walk the dogs, check on the latest vacation rental, yada yada.

Then it's back up to the estate, turn on lights, check in with Bill, look for Princess, check in with guests... and then it's: back to the dogs. On the way down the hill, just in front of John's house: cell phone rings, it's John: "Michael, what are you doing? Are you busy?"

"No, what do you need? Are you at your house?"

"No but I need you to get a couple things for me."

"Wow, I am in front of your house right now, what do you need?"

"Michael, I need you to get a couple things inside..."

So, I end up dropping off a couple things for John at the hospital where his wife is. Sounds like it is not too serious. I suspect that she'll be released tomorrow and they can go back home.

John's dedication and devotion to his wife always amazes me. Her health problems have been going on for over 2 years and John is a rock, he does not waver. He reminds me of my father to some extent in his dependability. My father left many, many high standards as an example of how a good person conducts themself. My parents have a neighbor who can definitely be considered an elder. My Dad has helped her in various capacities for almost 2 decades: shoveling her driveway, mowing her lawn etc.. I'm sure that I only know the tip of the iceberg.

So when I'm able to help my friend John, I think of my father with grattitude for the example he set.

Tonight there's a big Halloween party at Glen Muse. I am going as Kurt Cobain: blonde wig, crazy sun glasses and a guitar that was played by Jimmy Page.