Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Juggler

The juggler, surrounded by a confused mob of people
makes a grand attempt at juggling.
His start has been delayed
there seem to only be 2
juggling objects available
one is a 19 inch RCA television set from 1989
the other is a 1923 buffalo nickel.
He seems to be scanning the crowd
in an intensely focussed manner.
You notice a light breeze
because your forehead has become damp
with trepidation. You unconsciously shrink back
from his roving eyes
but they stop on you.
Draw you to him.
Abruptly, you feel your stomach twist within itself
as you flip thru the air
And the roar of the audience reverberates
sets your inner ear abuzz.
The scene becomes unrecognizable from your pesrspective.
Please take my word for it.
There are no fools in this crowd
to save you.
Your head becomes light as a feather
no up no down
and everything goes dim
before it goes black.
When you open your eyes
you find yourself alone
in a 10 foot by 10 foot room
with white padded walls
you check the door
but it is still locked.