Monday, October 31, 2005

Princess is recovered!

Cell phone ring begins the day once again: stare blearily at the clock, 9 AM... doesn't feel that late... where's the phone... answering service gets it... ohh yeah, daylight savings, it's actually 8 AM. 10 minutes later, check the message, it is Eliza, she located Princess hiding in the basement behind the office. She was in there and heard Princess's delicate meow somehow. But "She's not moving, maybe she's stuck."

Off I go in the Skip mobile, up the hill, thru the gate, park in the driveway. Eliza shows me where she is. I have to climb over a dusty wall and thru a narrow area to get to the part of the basement that Princess occupies. She meows, all freaked out like she's in shock or something. I scoop her up and hand her to Eliza.

Finally, Princess has been found and just in the nick of time to make her appointment to get the stitches removed and her drain taken out. She sits on my lap and I stroke the place between her shouder blades. Eliza runs off to get the transporter. i can feel Princess totally relax on my lap she is very relieved to make contact.

Just after dusk, I go up to the estate to check on Princess. She's in the big house, in the state room, hiding under a bed. She won't come out but she lets me pet her and in fact wants me to pet her but she's too freaked out to come out from under the bed. Oh well, at least she's safe for now. Hopefully she won't get out until she has taken all her antibiotics - nine days. My overall impression is that she fared very well, there's no swelling around her wound. It seems the physical scars will fade much sooner than the emotional trauma - but who knows?

Rob gave me a call while I soaked in the tub earlier today before noon. "What are you doing today?"

"I'm gonna go surfing. You want to go?"

"How 'bout climbing?"

We talk it out while I check the surf cams for The Point. I report that the waves are small but there seems to be a swell and not too many surfers. We end up agreeing to go catch waves.

Rob picks me up in his giant beat up, old, orange and primer pick up truck with a cab. We arrive and he manages to squeeeze his rig in a front row spot without scraping any other vehicles. I grab my 8 foot fun board and Rob grabs his boogie board. Out we go. The waves are mostly knee high but have a shoulder high drop at least. This is a good time for me to work on fundamentals like getting up on the board smoothly and switch footing. The time out there flies by. I end up catching around 14 waves. That's what I like about small days, you get alot of rides because there is not too much competition.

Afterwards we make a stop in a thrift store where they like to announce: "Thank you for shopping at The Retarded Children's Thrift Store" every 10 minutes or so. Your welcome and thanks for the cool pants that only cost $1.06 (tax included).