Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hawaii Bound

Skip’s trusty old creamy pick up truck waited for me at the trailer where my 2 bags sat within -“Alright! Time to go!”

Skip was about 20 yards from his truck rooting around in the meadow in search of rocks and ruins no doubt. He looks up with a glint in his eye and a coy smile on his face. “OK, let us depart, I only have to stop for gas.”

With my 2 bags, safely nestled in the back of the truck, we left the estate while I consciously unclenched my hands and relaxed other areas of my body. The last couple hours had seen me dashing around the estate, performing the final mundane tasks, which bring the estate back into order.

Daniel asked me if I’d play the didj for his final class that morning.

“Sure, I’d be honored,” was my reply.

He wants me to drone out the sacred vibes while everyone lies in shavasana. I prepare ahead of time with tai chi, yoga and chi gong. Then I am running around, stripping the sheets and collecting the garbage. There is something balancing about mixing the mundane with the sacred. It is like I am a bridge, like I am holding the 2 ends together that make the experience a circle.

The moment of my short performance arrives; I gently make my way to a far corner with 3 didjes. You never know which one is going to be “the one”. Elephant didj is my first choice and it is the right one. I begin with OM MANI PADME HUM and then just keep on going. I chant the various names of God that I know. I tone the word “Love” and feel it vibrating my heart.

When I finish, I turn to see Daniel looking at me with sparkling eyes and the smile of a sage. Puts his hands together, mouths “Thank you.” And bows.

After playing, I give tutorials to 2 folks curious about what circular breathing is and how to make the initial sound. There’s a closing circle and then I am running around the estate again, unplugging timers, turning off the Quan Yin water fountain, dumping compost.

Thus, this explains why I feel all over-energized when I get in Skip’s truck. His erratic driving makes me work harder to relax. At one point he came close to rear-ending a silver car when he was: “captured by that companies logo.” I think it was my semi-stifled yell which prevented the cars from kissing.