Saturday, December 03, 2005

Out of sight

The phone wakes me up this morning with a jolt, the last frame of my dream freezes and then shatters. I grab the phone, see that it's Bill, "Uhhh... what's up?"

"I need to go to birthing class, can you take care of the lights? the jacuzzi?"

"Sure, I got it, no problem." click.

This day unfurls all blue and wet after yesterday's clouds hid the sun and soaked the country side. My head is a bit congested, I can feel my sinuses contract with the cold related vacuum effect but it seems to have abated. Yeah, I think that I am coming down the home stretch of this illness about to cross the finish line. Sure enough, as the day wears on, my spirit lightens and it becomes easier to connect with the guests. Look them in the eye. Infinite smile. Effortless diplomacy.

After all the various morning tasks are performed, I speed off on my 900, to the RV which houses all of my junk. I pick out the clothes and random stuff that I need: tennis raquet, snorkel, mask, t-shirts, board shorts, hoodie etc and then I am out of there. Off to Rainbow Bridge, grab a couple items and then off again.

As I am traveling along in the cool air, with my black jeans, black sneakers and black leather jacket, I realize that the tennis raquet is flapping from the wind, making it hard for me to see thru my sole rear view mirror. Anyway, I am kinda in a hurry to get back to work - the estate that is. Suddenly, I catch a glimse of a slick black sedan behind me, I look in the mirror again, It's a cop and his lights are on. Red and Blue.

So, I pull over, put down the kick stand, take off my helmet, stand up and say: "Hi officer, what's the problem?" He does not answer me right away. Stands by his car door with the CB microphone in his hand, mustache hiding his upper lip, dark sunglasses hiding his eyes. Then he puts it down and walks over to me.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"

"Uh... no... did I roll thru a stop sign or something?"

"No, you didn't signal and you were speeding... do you know how fast you were going?"

"Uh... no... I wasn't really paying attention. Sorry about that officer."

"You were going 45, do you know what the speed limit is on a residential street?


"That's right. And... wait a second you don't even have turn signals."

"Yeah, they're getting worked on."

"Well, you need to give hand signals then, you have to let other drivers know what you are doing."

"OK, sorry about that officer."

"Drivers license, registration and insurance."

I pull them all out of my wallet and then just stand there. The back up cop is real mellow, walks up to me and checks out my bike. Amicably, "Is that an 1100?"

"No, itsa 900. Sorry about this, I was on my way back to my job, I'm watching a friend's place too, I guess I was unconsciously hurrying... also, I'm going to Hawaii tomorrow and have been getting stuff together."

"You trying to make us jealous?"

"No, just trying to garner a little sympathy-" Turn and look at officer Mustache; he's just staring at me with that same grimace. "but it looks like I'm failing." In my mind, I figured I was gonna get hit with a ticket, oh well, I surrender. Then the mustache starts walking over, I notice that he only has my DL, R and I in his hand - no ticket booklet.

"Sorry about that officer, I'll be more careful."

"I'm gonna let you off with just a warning this time." I am kind of shocked even though I was cued in. I mean, he seemed so hard nosed.

So then, helmet back on, sit down on the bike, fire up the engine and as I pull out on the road, signal with my left hand outstretched. As I approach the road I am going to turn on, I again signal with my left hand. Make my left and then I am out of view, out of sight.