Monday, November 28, 2005

Send a post card to your self

[Thursday 10 October 2002 Big Island Hawaii]

As I entered Papa's, James' eyes met mine as he stood framed by the dream catcher hanging from a beam. He smiled as I walked over and greeted him. As we talked, I recognized the flavors of anxiety and agitation in the set of his jaw, the strain in his eyes and over all tension oozing from his pores. He seemed to have continual negative judgement for the various world dramas, other humans and himself. He also has judgement on his judgements. So, today, after having noticed this patern during the past 10 days of random meetings, I tried to point his judgemental affliction in a non-judgemental fashion. I consumed a Dean-made papaya/banana smoothie and then ended up wearing the therapist's hat when Melissa asked if she could speak confidentially about a situation in her life.

I sent a post card to my folks and another to Danny Webb. I also set up a general delivery account at the post office and sent a post card to my self. This will enable me to aquire a library card which will allow me to access the internet.

Back at Papa's, I ate a falafal pita sandwich that was delectable. Played the didj for a while. Watched the daily rain cleant the road. Saw Norman selling honey in front of the corner restaurant. He seemed exuberant, said he was fasting today. I ended up playing the didj there, receiving many compliments from the various patrons entering and exiting.

Today I questioned my self: How long do I want to be here?

Made some phone calls from the one public phone booth in town. Spoke with brother Kev. Spoke with Spoon from Pennsylvania and he seemed fine as usual. Spoke with Mcuen, he and kesenia are couch surfing, he's lable hunting. He tells me all of Ojai is under construction. He wanted to know when to expect me back in Cali.

Realized it was dreaming last night when it was raining in doors. This was a difficult dream. Details are hazy but I was very uncomfortable - moaning "I must be dreaming, I must be dreaming..." I was and woke up. Next dream: I'm on the back of a piggy-back truck (truck train), Then I'm driving a vehicle fast and suddenly swerve off the road to avoid some debris. I end up tearing up some one's lawn a bit. It is a woman's, she comes out and goes ballistic like a rabid dog. I try to placate her and say: "I'll come back and fix it." I cruise away.