Sunday, November 27, 2005

The facade is eroding

After several weeks, if not several months, I made it to the farmer's market. I parked my bike and sat on a bench with Joeseph. We shot the breeze with various words and then he asked the question: "What do you think happened on 9-11?"

My response was immediate: "The second I saw the footage on TV, I knew it was the $hrub $yndicate. They stole the election and it was obvious the whole thing was part of an agenda to get oil and power."

Joeseph agreed and went on to tell me about a dude that has spent a fortune researching that day and sharing his research at This organization willl send a free DVD which delves into the hard evidence that disproves the story that was presented to the world.

While riding home on my motorcylce, I stopped at a holiday party that was happening at Glen Muse. The scene was pretty mellow, kids running around, cookies, fruit cake and wine. I soaked in the hot tub with Robbie and Simone. The weather has shifted and given us temps that have now started to drop in to the low 40's at night. This is not the best of news for those of us who drive around on motorcycles. This is one reason why the soak was sooo nice.

Afterwards, I end up conversing with Johan and Gerard. Gerard brings up the 9-11 topic. He's pretty convinced that it was all staged. Says that the Pentagon could not have been hit by a plane, no wreckage, size the the hole is too small. He says it was all done for 2 reasons. Basically, think tanks have been looking into the future scenarios and basically they pretty much came to the conclusion that we need oil. The second reason was that it enabled us to gather all the intelligence around the world - intelligence from every country - that would allow them to consolidate more power. Gerard also talked about how the book, Dune, by Frank Herbert, was basically about oil, Isalm, the Catholic church and Sufis.

Time arrives for me to motor up the hill and get on the internet. I check a few of my favorite sites - Twisp being one of them. He has not posted in a week or so but he was in synch with my day. Without further ado, please check this video link.