Monday, November 21, 2005

Out of the basement

House sitting for 4 houses at the same time is easier than it sounds. The one factor that makes it all flow is that all the houses are in close proximity. I started a new one today that will last for five days. It involves walking 2 dogs: Daisy and Sheba. I must say, these 2 dogs were extremely happy to see me, tails wagging up clouds of dust and toothy smiles wothy of a dog calendar. So, I give them what they want: a nice long walk. From my experience, nothing makes a dog happier than taking it for a walk. They live for this. I can never impress this on dog owners enough: if you got dogs, walk 'em!

Thus, the dogs and I went on a nice 30+ minute walk around town while the frantic energy of rush hour traffic framed our bliss-filled experience. It always amazes me how much the dogs stop and smell everything. I often wonder what information they are extracting from the urine and feces of other dogs and animals. It seems like it acts as a bulletin board or something. Maybe even like the personals in a newspaper. Are they diagnosing potential maladies? (sniff, sniff, sniff, hmmm... this dog's got worms). I always give them some time to get their smell entertainment. Tonight, we ran into a friend who was with his 11 month baby girl who is walking around. Right when she saw me she put her arms up for a hug. Wow, this is the first time I saw her and she was so sweet. Then Daisy gave her a kiss.

Earlier in the day I finally cleared all of my stuff out of the basement. Whew... glad the aspect is overwith. I trimmed away some of the excess and then went to drop it at a local thrift shop. When I get to Second Helpings, I spy a big sign: "No Donations". The next attempt also fails. The lady who owns the store was like: "Do you have alot of stuff?" I respond: "Yeah, but 90 percent is quality." She's like: "Sorry." And so this town is so small that we only have 2 thrift shops. Tomorrow I will try again.

Still earlier today, I watered plants fed cats, fed fish and did some tai chi and yoga.

The slam bam illness is still clinging to my lungs like some kind of fiend. While carrying up my varous storage containers from the basement, the dust was irritaing my lungs in a major way. Tonight I shall collect Eucalyptus leaves, boil them and pour it all in a bath. This is a kick ass folk remedy.