Friday, November 18, 2005

Toxic surfing location

The beauty of this day was a bit muted by my bout with this intense cold. When I awoke, my muscles and joints still felt achey and my head still hurt although the vice like pressure had reduced somewhat. As the day progressed, I felt as though the intense part of this storm had passed. At one point, I sat on the porch stunned by the vivid beauty. It is as if my senses have been heightened. Well... actually my sense of sight. My nose is still a bit too clogged to bring that sense on line.

While at Rainbow Bridge, I ran into Gunnar. Jennifer had informed me earlier today that he'd been sick all week and that he'd been hit pretty hard. After talking with him, I learned that he became sick just when I did. But here's the kicker: we both surfed at Surfer's Point (C Street) in Ventura on Monday! Bam!! We had the same exact symtoms and were both in awe how hard this bacteria or whatever kicked our ass.

So, it is only moments later when I turn to Chad and proclaim: "That's terrorism, I mean come on, when these corporations can get away with poisoning our ocean or the infrastructure is so pathetic that sewage just gets dumped right into the ocean. All this talk about making our country safe! What a bunch of bullshit. When surfers are getting poisoned than a line has been crossed."

Chad just smiles. He says: "I hope you get better soon."

Someone at another table eating his dinner expresses sympathy for my getting sick and has me repeat the toxic surfing location.