Monday, November 14, 2005

Buried under an avalanche of abodes

The changes which began brewing back in September - 10 days in front of my 39th revolution around the sun to be exact - are finally coming to a head. After having all of my belongings stored in the basement of the Pratt House for around 18 months, Bill basically said: "You gotta get your stuff out of the basement, I know you don't have that much but we have such little space... we need to put baby stuff down there."

With my upcoming December trip to the North Shore less than 3 weeks away, I had already begun formulating contingency plans, anticipating the broaching of this very subject: "Yeah, I'm just gonna put everything in storage and that'll be that."

What makes all of this very interesting is that my sole vehicle is a CBR 900 Honda motorcycle. But just like a Super Mario video game which has elevators appear at just the right times to help Mario cross over pitfalls, monsters, abysses and such, loaner vehicles appear, allowing me to surf whenever I want or move my belongings around in circles. My current loaner vehicle has been courtesy of Skip - the crown prince of dirt, soda and fire. I pick him up at LAX this Wednesday night. This will end my abilty to utilize the creamy beat up Toyota pick up truck for my crucial surf sessions and wahtever else. No need to worry, just like a video game, a loaner vehicle has appeared. I will gain use this Saturday morning. My next random rig will be a Toyota camper which is self contained (shower, bathroom, kitchen) and can sleep up to 5 people. I can feel you all breathing a collective sigh of relief for me and I must say: "Thank you all very much, I am deeply touched." Because it is a Toyota and C class, the miles per gallon will not kill me - take that Exxon!

I don't know if it is the time of year or something but I am swamped with house sits right now. At this moment I am taking care of 3 houses and 6 cats. This Saturday, I'll begin another house sit with one cat that will last 9 days I think. Next Monday I'll start a 5 day house sit with 2 dogs. To add up the whole avalanche of dogs, cats and abodes for the next 2 weeks goes something like this: 2 dogs, 7 cats and 5 homes (actually, its 6 homes counting the guest house here on the estate).

It's not all bad, don't get me wrong. Currently, I have a huge house to my self, flat screen TV upstairs, WiFi, pool, jacuzzi and 14 acres. Don't forget the kick ass yoga studio too.

Tomorrow, I shall mow my friend's lawn, his wife, Jolanka, is in the hospital and could use a few prayers - if anybody has any to spare that is. I know that there's a lot of suffering out there so my expectations are realistic. OM AH HUM.

As I already mentioned, Skip is arriving at LAX Wednesday night. I'm wondering if anyone has any questions for Skip. He's my most popular topic here on Bardo Surfer. Just leave them in the commets section as you please. If there are some good questions, I'll interview him and audio blog it for your listening pleasure.

Today, I surfed once agian at Surfer's Point. The tide was way low and there was a fog which hid the surfers and waves from the shore. I paddled out in the not too cold water. When I got outside, I could see that there were not too many surfers out. Thank goodness. I'm glad some body's got to work today, it is Monday for goodness sake. The conditions are a tad on the rough side. It is a NW swell which is a bit too head on for this particular break. The challenge was being in the right place at the right time and I aint talking aobut the Republicans, no siree bob. If they keep it up right will mean wrong and left will mean right and then where will we be?

So, anyway, I am out there shrouded by the mist and taking in this cloudy day. At times the sun appeared as a silver disc and managed to burn away some of the moisture in the air and I'd feel warm. These periods did not last long and soon the surreal Salvadore Dali world would reappear. I managed to catch about 7 waves. 2 or 3 good ones got away from me as I fell into the almost glassy water with their image and sound burned into my brain as they roll away - wshhhhhh.

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Blogger upier said...

I stumbled across your blog today, very enlightening. Unfortunately, I can't think of any questions to ask Skip... unless you want to ask him the question that's been haunting me lately: How do people in full body casts go to the toilet?

3:42 AM  

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