Saturday, November 19, 2005

The man stuck in a dungeon while a volcano is erupting

If you do a Yahoo search for "the man stuck in a dungeon while a volcanoe was erupting" Bardo Surfer will come up number one. Do I get an award for this or what?

Anytime anyone claims that the words they have spoken, written, sung, heard or seen are divinely inspired, they are attempting to bipass your healthy skepticism, your healthy agonsticism either consciously or unconsciously. Warning lights should come on as you realize that someone is going overboard in the need to persuade department. The almost infinite need to gain approval. The need to feel worthy. When various sources of the media continue to quote the fake president as saying that he is doing what God tells him to do, when I see and hear him saying this on video over and over, then I am ready to start drawing conclusions concerning his mental health and stability. He seems to have some very good habits. His physical activity is a positive sign. His vigilance on getting enough sleep is also a good sign. At least he has a few good things going for him. Red flags start to be raised when we learn that he believes that God is telling him to bomb Iraq.