Sunday, November 20, 2005

Only grin if some one's taking a photo

The changes on the estate that began with an all-must-vacate-edict last September have resulted in the relocation of two couples and a baby. The not so famous Millenium (self-proclaimed rocket scientist) Twain and his wife, Megumi, have found a home and I do not no where. They left without leaving any word with Bardo Surfer and so we had to use our keen skills of observation to detect their departure. The give away was that the fridge was empty of his various 2-quart mason jars and the kitchen was absent of his small Japaneese dolls which he used to ward off evil. When I said something to Jean, our winemaker, he said: "Yeah, they found a home." The Gates family has left the estate as well. Their (used to be theirs) dome is emty. They have put up another one just down the road.

Meanwhile, my friend Robby has been having a hard time at the Glen Muse estate just down the hill. He has lived and worked there for nine months. Putting in vast amounts of time and not getting payed. While soaking with him and Jen in the hot tub here on my (while I house sit) estate, he shared his frustration with the ongoing saga of not getting compensated for his dedication. Several months ago, he explained the situation to me. It sounded like it had been resolved. But no, it never was. Sometimes words are like vampires, when the light of day hits them, they turn to dust.

Robby tells me that he's at the end of his rope. By far, he has gotten the short end of the stick and is over it. He's ready to move off. My advice was to try to focus on how his life has improved by living there and what lessons he can take with him so that his good and trusting nature won't be exploited again. Because lets face it, no one wins unless everyone wins - that is the secret to planetary success.

Maybe this is the lesson I need more than anybody. My own personal victory arrives when I make those around me shine. Peace means no one is excluded.

Tomorrow, I will finally get my stuff out of the basement. It will all temporarily go into a small Toyota RV that belongs to a good friend of mine who happens to be one of the persons I am house sitting for. The Ojai shuffle is a locally famous game that we all play at some time or another. I had managed to watch from the sidelines for 2 years but circumstances have caught up with me. I cannot say that I am too surprised. Basically when it comes to the shuffle, I got game, I mean it - bring it on. I've gone years with not having to pay rent, mixing up where I sleep from, rammed earth houses, to 6 million dollar houses, to tee-pees, to motor homes, to a friend's back yard, house sits, what ever...

So my plan is loose, take it as it comes, don't blink, don't flinch and only grin if some one's taking a photo - and then ask for a copy.