Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Princess gets her stitches out

Another day sitting on houses. Only have 3 today. Bring in mail for all of them, after I drive the RV with all my junk to the house where my CBR 900 awaits. Such a nice switch - from the slow 4 cylander giant snail to the insanely fast and nimble king of the concrete jungle motorcycle. The cat, Na'la, waits for me on top of a tarp which is covering something or other, probably tiles. There's a chopsaw on top of it all presumably to keep the brown tarp from blowing away. And that is where the quirky calico kitty cat Na'la sits. At first I thought Na'la's new hang out spot was just a novelty but now it has be come the strange home for her. It sits in the middle of the driveway, out in the open. She's normally so skittish. I guess the 4.5 feet height makes her feel safe. She's happy to see me and lets me give her some comfort in the form of petting. I feed her and she gives me a couple of her strange meows. Than it is time to feed the fish. "Hi fish!" They all just dart around. Seem to have a lot of anxiety for goldfish.

Phone rings: it's Bill, wants to know if I am joining him and his family for Thanksgiving. "Sure." Then he puts me on with Willie. Willie asks me if I'll take Princess to the vet to get her stitches out. "Sure."

So, Willie and I head over to the vets with Princess once again captured in the little cage. She meows a bunch of times in her melodic way - designed to garner maximum empathy. She's less freaked out than the last times in the cage. Willie has the pet transporter on his lap while she meows every 3 seconds and he tries to keep her calm. The most stress for me was waiting in the lobby with all these dogs barking. Finally, they get around to us and within a minute, the doctor has her stitches out, declares her good and healthy and wishes us a Happy Thanksgiving.

When we're all back in the Volvo, doors closed, windows up, we let her out so she can wonder around the vehicle while we drive back so she won't feel so confined. Princess is totally fascinated, staring out the window, checking different views and then coming up to the front to sit on my lap and then making her way around the car again. When we arrived back at the house she let out a very sweet and joyful "Meeow". I opened the door, she sat on my lap for 10 seconds, jumped out of the car, scooted under the bushes in front of the house and disappeared.