Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The war against biology

Just drove down Foothill Road in a Toyota C class RV with all of my junk in it. Very surreal. The shocks in this thing are very loooose and so I really took my time. The only noise was the venetian blinds hitting the back window. When I drove thru the gate I let out a "Whooo." Not anything out of hand though. But I cannot downplay the significance of the moment. I have, for all intesive purposes, moved off the land. What's interesting is that I have not moved anywhere in actuality. My life of house sitting will continue. My comfortable lifestyle is not coming to an end so please do not worry. It is kind of cool to have all of my belongings in limbo. Normally, it is the soul which ventures off into the twilight zone, in between worlds, while the physical body wanders and wonders what the hell happened. But with me, it is just my stuff that is floating in the nenter land.

Earlier today, while eating a late lunch at Farmer and the Cook, the big topic of conversation was the young teacher who got busted for having sex with a 14 year old boy. I'm like: "Why do we keep trying to put people in jail for victimless crime?" My friends Joeseph, Raymond and Jade all felt the same way. This event probably made the kid's life. Thus we were all pleased that she did not get any jail time. Obviously, she should not be teaching kids. Taking away that possibility is punishment enough. Putting a woman in jail for this for 15 years is ridiculous and another example of what a repressive and puritanical regime we live in.

For me, the whole issue is just an example of how our culture is at war with biology. It is kind of like an extremely extravagant biology tax which not only wants your money but would also like your time, your freedom.

Remember the last time a female teacher got busted for this? She spent how many years in jail? And what happened when she finally got out? She married him. This more than anything shows that it was the culture that was wrong. Whenever I see that woman, I feel shame for this system we live in.

The various news broadcasters reaction was telling. It shows how they are just instruments for the system, lacking compassion for the individual, denying the powerof biological drives and desires. The big question I kept hearing asked was: "What kind of message does this send?" I say message smessage. This woman has been dragged thru the hypocritical media gauntlet long enough. The justice system should never be about sending a message. The justice system should never be about scape goating. This would only derail its purpose. Now, if you want to scape goat some one, than scape goat the president. That is what he's there for - along with all
the other carpet baggers.