Saturday, November 26, 2005

Secret riots and mellow yellow

Last night saw me attend a friend's birthday party with Highlove. Sandy turned 41 and celebrated the day on the East side of Ojai with predominantly post 40 year olds. There was a fire outside, catered food on the inside and people scattered about. When we arrived, I Kinda just hung back, only a couple folks there that I knew. Sandy seemed to be surrounded my layers and layers of people. She was like a planet with a whole bunch of moons. Highlove slips thru all the protective satellites and hands over his gifts. I wait a while, looking for a way thru the crowd and unable to see any way thru without having to make people get out of the way. It occurs to me that she may feel a bit bogged down by all the attention anyway and so I find a chair and just sit there.

Finally, I see an opening and wade thru into an inner orbit. Sandy sees me, we make eye contact and I offer up my gift of a bottle of wine. Her eyes twinke and she voices her appreciation.

I grab a plateful of food - salmon, sushi, humus and pita bread. Sit out in front of the fire on the ground and chow down. I even go for seconds. Then I manage to squeeze some pumkin pie, carrot cake and a few cookies into my shocked stomach. Ohh boy, little did I know that my gluttonous binge would harpoon the whole next day (today).

After the binge, about 4 or 5 of us stared at eachother across the fire and discusse some of the current events. One of the interesting tidbits to come concerned the riots that have been happening in France. 2 of the gentlemen who participated in the conversation are French. Phillipe, relayed information that he has heard that I have not caught a wiff of on the inernet or TV. What Phillipe has heard is that the riots have spread to Belgum, Holland and Germany. It is kind of interesting that there seems to be a news black out on this subject withing the US.

As the party wound down, I made my way into the house thru the sliding glass door. Joining Highlove, Dave and Sandy on the floor, I began to DJ a bit with the ITunes on Sandy's new PC notebook. Mark released a few monologues and then pose a question to Sandy: "What's your status?" Initially she was confused by this question but then sort of answered it. She turned and looked at me and asked: "What's your status?" I had a reply ready: "I'm just a human in a goddess town, oscillating between lost and found." The three of them made sudden roar of approval and then Sandy said: "I'm just a goddess in a human town." I laughed and voiced my appoval.

Highlove and I manage to get out of there around 2 AM.

Next morning, Daisy and Sheba wake me up aound 6 AM. I am literally moaning from the heart burn from last night's poor choice in food combining. Ughh. I get up like an hour later because the owners are returning that morning. I gather all my various objects and devices and stager them outside the fence. I leave the gate open and walk up to my motorcycle. Daisy looks at me, looks at the open gate and then dashes out. Her manner is playful. I watch this happen along with Sheba. She does not make a move. I flashback to the first time I was dog sitting Daisy, maybe 2 years ago. It took me a couple hours and alot of aggrivation befrore I managed to catch her. So, this time I stayed completely calm. Grabbed 2 leashes. Leashed up Sheba and started to follow the playful Daisy. We only walked a block or so before Daisy came over to me and let me slip the chain around her neck. That was it, no histrionics, they call me mellow yellow...