Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Grateful Day!

For Bardo Surfer, every day is a holiday. We tend to not get to excited or caught up in the various holidays which seem to all get funneled into being a consume-twice-as much-glutton-day. But Thanksgiving holds a special place among all of the days that are celebrated thru out the year. Only Halloween equals the greatness that Thanksgiving achieves year in and year out.

The human brain tends to only remember things that are broken or incomplete. Combine this individual propensity with the mass media's obsession with magnifying the destructive aspects of humanity and you get the confusing and distorted sea of information that we all are living in. With the mass delusions constantly competing for our attention, the ability to feel thankful and grateful becomes increasingly endangered. That is why, here on Bardo Surfer, we are making every day - 365 per year - Grateful Day. While we are at it, maybe we can also make every day Halloween as well. Except for one day a year when we won't feel grateful or dress in a costume. We'll call it: Boring Mad Day.

I spent this Grateful Day up on the estate. Eliza prepared an awesome meal which was highlighted by raw stuffing. She also cooked her first turkey that was quite delicious. I actually had a bite of turkey this year - some of the white meat and it was good. This is my first meat in 12.5 years. There was a nice salad, tastey mashed potatoes and green peas. It was so good that I had seconds. Dessert consisted of pumkin pie, apple pie, vanilla and coffee ice cream and apples with cinnamon and maple syrup. Of course we drank some of Bill's amazing wine. Daryl was present along with his 2 kids: Tianna and Seany. Will was there. Nick was also along for the ride -he brought the pumkin pie. Skip made a brief cameo initially but he bolted once the food came out. He only eats food at Antonio's restaurant. Jean stopped by after dinner and Bill had to stop him from washing dishes.

So much to be thankful for this year. Many things have fallen into place for me while other things are falling apart. I am grateful for it all. When I breathe in I destroy worlds; when I breathe out I create worlds. Om Shiva.