Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lobster trap

The fog rolled in to town tonight, like a blanket of missionaries paving the way for an invasion of rain. The temperature did not seem to drop as much; perhaps a consequence of the the moist air. Regardless, I maintained a comfortable body temperature with my thick black motorcycle leather jacket providing multi-dimensional protection as I traveled the roads completing tasks and such.

Rainbow Bridge became a spontaneous meeting ground - as it often does - for several of us. When I entered the dining area with my vegetable polenta and avacado, I sat near John, Glen and a gentleman whose name escapes me. "What's the story?" I say amicablly.

Glen: "Magic."

John: "We're doing magic tricks."

Me: "Cool. This is one that I normally only perform for kids under 10." I pretend to pull off my left index finger by replacing it with my right thumb. Not much of a reaction. A tough crowd. Glen then lifts a paper cup to his face and 2 drops of water fall on to his tongue. The illusion is that the cup is magically stuck to his hand. The trick is that his finger has gone thru a hole in the side of the cup. Even though this trick was pretty stupid, it at least took the pressure off me for having done such an old corny trick for old horny dogs.

Me: "There once was a duct tape man who lived on a duct tape street in a duct tape house with a duct tape roof.

John: "And he had a duck."

Me: "One day, a pair of docs were fishing between a pair of docks. They were unaware that a pair of ducks had swum up behind them. One of the ducks said to the other duck: "Is it a paradox that a pair of docs are swimming between a pair of docks or that a pair of ducks are talking about it?"

Every one make a loud satisfied grunt at the same time. Glen: "It's time for me to go, I think my brain just got caught in a lobster trap."