Friday, December 02, 2005

Keep your eyes on the horizon line

My trip to Hawaii is looming ahead while I practice mundane experiments in HTML, the skeleton language that supports my persistent efforts on Bardo Surfer. I have been working since noon today and am ready to leave California for a holiday spell in the tropics. The rain started early in the AM. The plastic tarp, covering the t-house roof, amplified each raindrop's landing into a loud "plop!"

Lucky for me, the rain was light and infrequent as I dashed about performing the trivial tasks that make this a glorified monkey's job. Who knows what was going on in Bill's head, but all I know is that he was on my case, like a heat seeking missile. He shot words at me with joyful glee trying to find a chink in my armor. Something was wrong with the fire, didn't have the two most inportant lights on, need to pull the power cord and the hose off the trail - "Some one'll trip, break their arm and sue." There were barbs like: "You need constant supervision."

Me: "What?! You're crazy. I ran these things without you here with no problems." It seems I make a good scape goat for some one else's anxiety problem. So this was my day: mind games framed by grey clouds with the promise of Hawaii just on the horizon line.

The big issue that kept coming up was those, poor, unlucky guests who are going to be stuck outside in the freezing cold sleeping. I am always repeatedly asked: "Is it too cold?" Maybe I need to learn how to lie or something but I always say how I have never used heat in the past 7 years while living in California. Granted, I have a killer sleeping bag - Big Agnes made in Steamboat, Colorado.

I learned a long time ago that the most essential item I could own was a good sleeping bag. If I was the president of this crazy, naieve country, I'd never have gone into the hot bed that is the Middle East. I'd have save billions and billions of dollars by giving every one good quality sleeping bags. While you sleep, turn the thermostat down to 50, sleep like a bug in a rug. Also, I'd have taken our vast resources and invested it in the plethora of alternative energy sources that seem to never receive any governmental support. The old boys' network is strangling this country like ivy on an oak tree.