Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Perfect Missing Soul

Need a holiday from my lost obsessive brain
The law of attraction is driving me insane
Put me in a rubber room within a rubber zoo
Tape my eyelids open & close my mouth with crazy glue
Leave the televisions on commercials and the news
Take away my right to fight this will make me sane

Forget about the death and torture erase it from your mind
Ignorance and amnesia are the haven of the blind
But they just may be the only way the humans will survive

What happened to gratitude? You’d rather be crass and rude
What happened to intelligence? Can’t argue with a human fence
What happened to imagination? Buried under consternation

Where do I go when all my thoughts are wrong?
The devil laughs behind my back but he’s the first to hear this song

How do I find my perfect missing soul?
When I’m disheveled disenchanted dis-eased and alone?

Need a holiday from my lost regressing brain
The law of concentration is driving me insane
Put me in a prison of my own device
Marry me to parasites maggots and white lice
Leave the gilded cage unlocked to give me bogus hope
And if I make a run for it lasso my head with rope

How will I ever find my perfect missing soul?
It's more elusive than a rainbow’s pot of shining gold