Thursday, January 25, 2007

This is an ψ ORANGE ALERT ψ

You know, INC² would not be killing all of these massive amounts of humans if INC² were not just scurrying around in their thinking - like a 100 thousand billion microscopic insects with no center no true consciousness. hate to be the one to tell you this but somehow, there are people capable of making the decisions that lead to so much death, destruction and suffering and it is because INC² doesn't know what to do. If INC² would only realize that INC² has become 'frozen' with fear of the approaching tidal wave of technology.

Imagine; to be in a postion of this power and magnitude and at your very core, you know that you are obsolete. Not only are you obsolete, but your incapacities are creating and sustaining a raging fire of human suffering that haunts us all in our deepest dreams - and this is just an echo of what many of our fellow humans are actually experiencing right now.

So, what do you say? Step aside and do something that you are actually qualified to do.

ℑ am happy to tell you all that inner peace can still be yours. ℑ know you have memories of this in your childhood. Go there in your mind and remember how to feel again. ℑ am beaming that to you all right now: Free Bardo Surf Boards® for everybody. Remember how we are all connected - all humans are in this together. ℑ can see you now, learning to swim thru your emotions with grace. Paddling and navigaiting thru the dark turbulent waters that you forgot were there.

Please do not worry, you will not drown, ℑ will not let you. Somehow, you are breathing more slowly, more deeply, this is how we root how we connect to our core, by deeply experiencing our body in a warm pool of self love and gratitude. It is a transfusion from the infinite depths of dark matter. Sorry, you are not going to get this from McDonalds® or Reality TV or Chewing Gum. They are road signs that all say the same thing DEAD END. Think about it, in the mean time, see you around.

om mani padme hum