Friday, September 28, 2007

Blue sky clear

He woke up and looked around
Watched the truth lie under ground
He spoke up loud blue sky clear
To only learn that no one cares
He thought he knew why he was here
He thought he could overcome the fear
That keeps us all from being real
Instead he learned not to feel
Because it hurts to be alone
It hurts more to be a stone
So go to sleep and forget
That we are angels of deep regret
Don't know where we're supposed to be
Cannot share what we see
We are stuck in between
A false smile and a scream
We think the world is our stage
When its just a giant cage
You left me there some time ago
But I escaped with my halo
It brought me here where I now live
If only I could just forgive
Leave behind thoughts of blame
Which always grow out of shame
Carry on persevere
Leave behind the veneer
We create what we destroy
While worshipping the decoy
He closed his eyes and fell asleep
And left the surface for the deep

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Blogger Fiona Kernaghan said...

Did you write Blue Sky Clear?.. It's fantastic. The line about the veneer is sticking with me. I have similar themes in my writing lately, too. I hope all is good in Ojai?!

2:28 PM  
Blogger DiDj said...

Yes, i wrote BLue Sky Clear. Thanks for the compliment. Ojai is cool. How's Oz? I haven't been there since '94.

5:18 PM  

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