Thursday, February 06, 2014

1st class

I pedaled my grey 429c the mile or so from my apartment to the park with only a mild sense of trepidation. This was my 1st tai chi class. I had not advertised at all except for telling several friends and thus would have been shocked to see anyone there besides the daily dog walkers. Despite the fact that there were no students, my first class went quite well. I practiced my form for 40 minutes, played the didge for 15 minutes and then standing meditation for 5 minutes. I visualized various scenarios within the teaching environment. The park was nicer than I remembered it. Several super old Oak trees kept a decent amount of the space sheltered within their collective canopy of green leaves. During my hour in the park, several dogs and their respective human counterparts roamed about while the 4 leggeds relieved themselves amongst the trees. I coasted home enjoying the air feathering though my 1/4 beard feeling mellow and determined to continue on.