Friday, February 07, 2014

2nd Class

I hear it before I see it. Road construction. There’s a whole bunch of it in the town now. Itsa bonanza. Anyway, less than a block from where I will be teaching tai chi this morning, big machines and big motors making a racket grinding away. I bike slowly on my old red Stumpjumper through a congestion of construction equipment and some workers - careful not to raise any hackles. Thats when the  thought appeared: I need a dojo studio. Itsa no brainer. When I arrive at the park, I am a bit surprised. There are 2 people doing what looks a lot like qi-gong in the area of the park where I teach (yeah, yeah, i know its just my second class). Hmmm I think parking my bike. They are silently going through their movements and pay me no mind. I realize: wow, its just a coincidence. I have not been to this park very often so I don’t know what the norm is. I can’t help but dance through the various scenarios as to how these two came to be here at the precise time as I. Is it my little bit of facebook advertising? I will never know because I went through my entire routine of tai chi and didge playing without even making eye contact with them. Meanwhile, dogs roamed around the park some unleashed - some leashed to their owners congregating amongst themselves. At one point I watched amusingly as several of the dog owners gathered right next to the meditators, laughing and cackling and talking loudly they seemed completely oblivious that there were folks meditating right under their noses.

Even though it was so close, the road construction was not very disturbing. I coast home a different way avoiding the machines, orange signs and noise. Still no students but I don’t care. I think about the kind of space I’d like to rent. Open. Quiet. Wood floors. Lots of light. But, for now, the park will do.