Wednesday, October 03, 2007

'Go out that way'

It was the third show, a Sunday afternoon performance. We'd rehearsed about 4 weeks or so for our little production and it had all paid off in the dividends of laughter. Vince and I managed to click on that day and even though the audience was small, the applause was loud and sincere as we made our curtain call. I smiled and mouthed a silent thank you before spinning around and slipping behind the curtain with my trademark layedback flourish. I went to climb over the bed, which had not been in my way the previous times of exiting, when the actress waiting in the wings said: "Go out that way." I complied and quickly shot in the direction of her finger when all the lights went off. Adrenaline coursed thru my veins as I hurriedly felt along the wall for what I hoped was a door or doorway or whatever. Who knows what I hit but something made a rather loud crashing noise. I glanced over my shoulder and was relieved to see that the curtain was hiding my futile attempts to get off the stage. Disorinted and filled with wonderment, I finally determined where I was and managed to find my way safely backstage with out any further mishaps.

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