Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Walk, surf and tennis

Last night's invite to Blog Ladder, a communtiy blog, was one of the reasons that I did not let my head touch the pillow until 2 AM. Hey, I'm on vacation, so don't get your feathers into a ruffle. This is my first community blog. I like the fact that it only has 450 members. Gives it a small town feeling that I have always loved. Yep, that is one of the many reasons I like Ojai, California. Another reason behind my night owl behavior was because I was tinkering around with some of the xhtml - the digital skeleton of this website. Anyone notice any changes?

Anyway, I managed to get out of bed at 10 AM. I walk out of my bedroom and into the sitting room where my mom is sitting at the clear glass dinner table, working on today's crossword puzzle. "Good morning Mom!"

She looks over her reading glasses and says: "You're father wants you to walk with him. He's about to leave."

"OK." So, within 10 minutes, I have brushed my teeth, drank some water and put on my sneakers.

My father has been walking 4 miles every morning for 11 years. He has a route that winds thru the Turtle Bay resort, along the ocean, the hotel and the golf course. This takes us around an hour and gives me the chane to scout the waves.

When I get back, I practice tai chi and yoga. Then, it is time to surf - finally. My brother Bri has been kind enough to lend me his 7.5 foot short board. The walk takes around 10 minutes. When I arrive at the shore, it looks like there are about 10-15 surfers out there. Mostly spread out. And one or two boogey boarders. The trade winds are really kicking in and there are two distinct swells that can be seen in the rough seas. I am a bit nervous because it is kind of wild out there and I haven't surfed for 3 weeks. To my pleasant surprise, it doesn't seem to matter - I never get tired - even though I am used to an eight foot fun board.

It takes a while to get outside, even though it's so easy to duck dive with this potato chip. The waves are not very consistent and so I have difficulty finding the magic launch spot. Towards the end I manage to catch one and stand up. "WoooH!" I was stoked, it was kind of crazy out there but not as crazy as it looked.

The next activity was tennis. I ended up playing 2 sets of doubles and one set of singles where brother Bri cleaned my clock. Boy, I really need to drill. Even though I'd already exerted myself a great deal today, my emotions ran a little wild while we played. It seemed like I was making a lot of unforce errors. My dad and I dropped the first set to Mom and brother Bri but we took the second set to even the score. Yesterday, Bri looked fashionable, wearing all black, sleavless t-shirt. Today he wore all white. Looking good, bro.