Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Changing of the guard

Kristen entered the Ojai scene several months ago. She has been an all star on the party circuit and has tirelessly provided great amounts of enthusiasm and joy where ever she goes. Ojai is a bit too small a town for her contagious and relentless social nature. The horizon beckons her and thus, sometime soon, she shall be leaving – hitting the road. She is extremely generous, repeatedly cooking up a fabulous dinner with her roommate Jenn and then calling up a bunch of the crazy crew to invite them to the meal.

Tonight, Kristen and Jenn made a great meal consisting a pasta/sweet potato entrée along with a marvelous salad. I brought over a brownie mix, dumped it into a mixing bowl, stirred in some eggs, water, oil and cinnamon. Then thew it into the preheated 350 degree oven just as dinner was ready. At first it was just Sunny and I eating with the girls. Then, Remmy and Highlove appeared on the scene.

The food is attacked and consumed by the hungry males and generous girls while we laugh and review the various discrepancies that add up to our version of life. Mark and Remmy are both on the current job at the restaurant. Mark is the boss and Remmy is the electrician. They learned today that the clients have become resigned to the strong possibility that the remodeling will not b e completed and so they have changed their tack. So, the issue has become money. Aint it funny?

When I talk to Mark about this, he is only mildly concerned. The cashola crunch concern is omnipresent in the construction field. The cost of material keeps going up. For instance, copper has gone up 30% in the past six months. Thus, the gist of tonight’s latest crisis meeting, over lattés, was the new priority was cutting costs. “Can you reduce your labor force?”

A bit of time passed before my aching back and sore shoulder spurred me to query Mark about whether or not he needs me tomorrow. He seemed relieved and totally willing to let me have the next two days off. What a relief. Soon, I shall soak in the tub. I’ve been putting a list together of all the things I have been unable to do. Believe me, there’s a whole load of stuff that I can do now instead of shooting nails into a wall.

The timeliest thing of all is that I shall be able to meet with Bill. His wife is on the verge of having their child. She’s been due since the 28th of January. I’m part of the birth team. My responsibility is Will. He’s only 9. When Eliza goes into labor, my role is to take care of Will.

A strange random act of violence occurred here in Ojai just two nights ago. I actually drove by after it had happened. I observed about 6 police vehicles all on the side of the road with their lights on by the Vons intersection. I spied a bike lying on the ground and I surmised that someone had been hit on the bike by a car. Alas, to my shock, I learned the next night that some kid had gone bonkers and started stabbing people. My friend, Nick, was leading a group of people on a walking meditation when a deranged maniacal youth attacked them with a knife. He stabbed one of the mediators in the back and hit Nick in the head with a rock. I’ve not spoken with any witnesses yet and heard this info second hand. I am sure this story will be reported in the Ojai Valley News Friday.